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LMPT SNC has been selecting and selling used clothing and shoes for more than 35 years.
The experience, the competence and the passion for this job enabled us to reach important goals, by offering a wide variety of high quality used articles.

The on-going attention listened to the clients’ demands and to the market fluctuations, strengthened a long-lasting cooperation in local markets and in a several foreign countries of Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.


Our company has been supporting an important PROJECT based on the recycling ,by collecting the used clothing that are discarded, in this way, we reduce the environment impact and we safeguard the natural resources.

From the cast-off clothes, that are considered as a waste (code: 20.01.10) and as a result of a careful manual selection, the second hand clothes and the textile raw material can be reintroduced into the market, once they have been restored, by creating new clothing.